Are old vespas reliable?

Whether you choose a vintage or modern Vespa, you can expect a reliable, well-designed machine. Like any vehicle, a classic Vespa needs maintenance and, more importantly, a proper restoration in the first place. If they are not reliable, how is it that there are still so many on the streets today, many of them more than 40 years old? Modern improvements make them reliable and regularly maintained by mechanics who know the machine that keeps them running. In addition, if you know how to use a few very basic tools, you can fix a lot of things yourself.

There is no computer chip or ECU in sight, only a good old-fashioned two-stroke engine and a discharged battery are unlikely to keep it static for long, since with a simple blow from the starter, it will soon be back on its way. The Vespa and the Lambrettas existed long before the Mods arrived, they reached every corner of the planet and are adored all over the world. No longer, the new popularity of classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters has brought with it a world of remanufactured parts and improved and updated parts.

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