Why vespa is so expensive?

They are more expensive because they are made of metal. The body of the bike is the frame of the bike (Unibody construction). As for lasting longer, well, you already see quite a few 20, 30 or 40 year old Vespas still driving around, so I should give you a good indication. After the turmoil of the World War, Vespas became an influential means of personal transport for young people and consumerism in the rest of the world.

Despite its general simplicity and its purchase price of 55,000 liras (equivalent to a few hundred dollars in 1946, although exchange rates fluctuated wildly after the war), the Vespa still looked good. Introduced in 1946 and owned by Piaggio, Vespa scooters may be small in size, but they have a big impact on modern scooter design and popular culture. The original Vespa emerged just after World War II to meet the needs of a war-torn Italian population in need of affordable transportation. I realized that (at least in my country) Vespas are up to 30 percent expensive compared to others brands with the same specifications.

Although there is a wide range of scooter designs adopted by two-wheeled vehicle brands that sell their products in this segment, Vespa's iconic retro design is as charming as it ever has been. In addition to the paint, the Vespa 946 Red has special parts that differentiate it from the normal version, including attractive aluminum components. The Vespa, with its eloquent beauty, has always managed to occupy a special position in the global scooter market. Avik Chattopadhyay, an expert in brand and automotive strategy, explained the reasons for its popularity and expansion, stating that Vespa is a fashion icon worldwide and, therefore, charges a premium.

The main design element that catapulted the popularity of Vespa scooters among consumers is the unisex style, which allows them to be ridden by men and women elegantly dressed in fashionable skirts. Namely, the romantic comedy Roman Holiday from 1953, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, in which the main duo toured the Eternal City on a Vespa. If the driver travels short, sporadic distances on roads with low speed limits, Vespa scooters can become ideal machines with style. Vespa scooters have had a great influence on modern automotive design and also on popular culture.

The red seat, which looks like a giant bicycle saddle, and the grips were pleasant to the touch and remind that this is not your father's proletarian Vespa. Vespa scooters also pride themselves on road safety with their double 220 mm disc brakes, their dual-channel ABS braking system and their large 12-inch wheels. And thanks to the great notoriety of Audrey Hepburn, who in 1953 ran over pedestrians and street vendors at “A Party in Rome”, the popularity of the Vespa grew even more more.

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