What is the mileage of vespa old model?

My son, in his old life, was a pastor. With this, long trips cannot be made, since normal mechanics will not solve any problem with the scooter, since the engine is located very close to the ground, which reduces ground clearance. The Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 BS6 is a modern scooter with that familiar retro style that has been on the streets for more than five decades. But if compared based on specifications, there is no competition for this premium scooter, except for other Vespa scooters and those from Aprilia, which is the sister brand of Vespa.

Piaggio Vespa has 6 videos with detailed reviews, advantages and disadvantages, comparison and variant explained, test drive experience, features, specifications, interior and exterior details and more. Discover a detailed overview of the Piaggio Vespa specifications and features, providing comprehensive information on the engine, fuel consumption, mileage, brakes, maximum power and tires. It also flaunts the typical rear style of a Vespa and the overall look is quite premium, minimalist and simple. As mentioned before, the Vespa is all about class and superior quality, and it can't be perceived from the point of view of value.

Piaggio Vespa is available in 11 different colors, namely yellow, bright red, vibrant red, Provence blue, pearl white, Tuscan sporty orange, Tuscan orange, midnight blue, matte black, white and dark green. This is because Vespa has its own loyal fan base who are not likely to compare scooters to those of other brands. The premium scooter is only available in one variant, the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 BS-VI, and offers only one color, which is matte black. When leaving, the Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 offers the highest quality and everything has that high-end feel, from the grip of the handlebars down to the switches.

The declared mileage is expected when driving on motorways, but it is quite possible to expect a mileage of about 50 kmpl in urban traffic, taking into account the recognized fuel savings of the Vespa that it has achieved with the improvement of the BS6. Thanks to its comfortable handling and abundant mileage, the Notte is ideal for daily trips and for driving in places with a lot of traffic. The expected cost of maintenance is about 800€ and must be carried out at authorized Vespa service centers in India. In terms of competition, the Vespa Notte 125 competes with Yamaha Fascino 125, Honda Activa 125, TVS nTorq and Suzuki Burgman Street in terms of price.

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