How long does a vespa scooter last?

A modern Vespa 250-300 should last 50,000 miles before an engine rebuild is necessary, as long as regular maintenance is maintained. I am going to close this post with some images of the Vespa Dakar: small scooters that travel with the big GS motorcycles. In addition, I will most likely choose a used one and I noticed in another post about this submarine that people weren't big fans of a Vespa with 25,000 miles traveled. A Vespa is not associated with mileage competitions nor is it capable of performing such feats, unless you fall into the underworld of motorcycles.

There's no reason why the Vespa can't keep going for a long, long time and make trips to the same destinations that big motorcycles take. As for your Vespa, I think these smaller machines are wonderful, too small for someone my height and weight. I feel like I'm driving at opposite ends of the driving universe with the Vespa at one end and the BMW at the other.

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