How much mileage does a vespa scooter get?

Considering how much I've ridden my scooter, especially in winter and off-road, it's in very good condition. As for the lifespan of the Vespa, part of me wants it to keep working, but I know I'll get to a point where it'll seem crazy to me and I'll replace it. As the odometer approaches 35,000 miles on an 11-year-old motorcycle, I've been thinking about what to expect for the future. But the cost of replacing shock absorbers, in particular worn-out elements, is a big inconvenience, so the idea came up to buy another scooter with a lower mileage.

The annual Pennsylvania inspection could be seen as a partial appropriation of taxes, however, such an inspection could reveal problems that are felt but not seen on the Vespa. I've never ridden a scooter, but I think the small-diameter front tire would cause a tougher ride on bad roads. So keep it up; let's say you originally bought the Vespa to go to work and it gives you a freedom you hadn't enjoyed before. And, like you, it's hard not to think that the Vespa would be my favorite machine once I passed my new moon of honey.

While he was still in contact with Vespa USA, one of his product managers saw no reason why the engine couldn't travel 50,000 miles before it needed to be rebuilt. I have met other Vespa users through the Vespa Moderna forum who have covered twice or triple the mileage of my motorcycle and continue to increase. As for selling a motorcycle that has become such an important part of your life, as Rocket is for me, I suggest that you never do it. Since the lifespan of tires, belts and oil depends on the mileage you drive if you drive a lot, having several scooters doesn't necessarily mean a much higher maintenance cost, since the changes will be based on your personal mileage when driving several scooters.

Thank you for your information on the longevity of scooters and their approach to maintenance and management. You might discover, like me, that a motorcycle is a good errand machine, but for distance and excitement, the bike is the way to go. I bought an old second-hand Vespa in 1963 and toured California when I finished high school.

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