Does austin have public bikes?

Whether you're a student or a commuter, a local resident or a visitor, we want to help you get where you need to go using CapMetro services from the first to the last mile. MetroBike, Austin's bike share program, allows you to easily hop on a bike for short trips between more than 77 stations in Austin. The affordable system offers numerous outlets with about 800 bicycles, including electric bicycles. Learn more about how MetroBike works.

Park your bike Maybe you just want to take your bike from home to the station? There's no problem. We offer free bike racks at most bus stops, stations and Park & Rides on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have 7 stations for storing bicycles in a safe and weatherproof way. Join them for the opportunity to learn new routes to get around the city and meet other members of the Austin cycling community.

Social Cycling Austin is a volunteer-run organization that brings together Austin cyclists to share a love for cycling. The All Ages and Abilities Bicycle Network (AAA Bicycle Network) has Austinites stepping on the gas in record numbers. Safe Streets Austin is a movement that seeks to transform Austin's streets, bike paths and trails into safe, vibrant and equitable places for people of all ages and levels to walk, bike, ride and meet. The organization provides direct services at no cost to the public, such as education and encouragement, training and support for new users, route and navigation assistance, solutions for community transportation barriers, and much more.

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