Can you still buy vespa scooters?

On you can see our Vespa models and check the availability of the Vespa with our dealers. After selecting the model you want and the nearest dealer, you can start ordering the Vespa. Browse by year, price and specifications. Find the right Vespa scooter for your next adventure.

The distinctive silver-gray body is accented with details in two elegant colors that highlight the best of the Vespa's unmistakable design. The futuristic design of the silver-gray body of the Vespa Elettrica, which exceeds 50 km/h, will undoubtedly cause a sensation in the city, so you won't go unnoticed. When Piaggio launched the Vespa scooter in 1946, its distinctive features included floorboards and front spoilers to protect users in wet and cold conditions. The Elettrica has the Vespa MIA application, which connects to the 4.3-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) instrument panel, which is transformed into an elegant communication platform.

The Vespa MIA multimedia system connects your smartphone to your motorcycle via Bluetooth so that the Vespa screen becomes an extension of your phone. The design of all Vespa scooter models maintains European elegance, and all include details such as disc brakes and double seats. The powerful electric motor of the Vespa Elettrica offers excellent acceleration and pickup when climbing, making it the ideal option for touring the city at full speed.

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